Bug fixes, new features and a roadmap

It’s been a busy few weeksIt’s been a whirlwind few weeks since taking on Planscope. To start with, I’ve been meeting with some of Planscope’s customers and trial users to find out how Planscope is doing from their point of view. And while the overall opinion of Planscope is generally very good, these conversations have led to some … Continued

Announcing a Big Change at Planscope

We’re excited to announce that Planscope has been acquired by software developer and entrepreneur, Josiah Johnson. Having been a freelancer and consultant in the past, and as a long-time developer, Josiah is excited to further grow Planscope. Background After graduating from Cornell University, Josiah went on to take several leadership roles in software development, including technical … Continued

Planscope 2015 Year In Review

This year has been a busy year for the Planscope team. We’ve quadrupled our team size, redesigned the entire product (inside and out), and recoded a lot of the functionality that syncs your work with our database, shows your clients and team changes in realtime, and so on. Growing the team Since the beginning, Planscope’s … Continued

Planscope Got A Facelift

After months of heads down planning and development, I’m happy to announce the new look of Planscope. My usability goal has always been to provide a tool that’s powerful enough for you and your team, but easy enough for your clients. I think the new design does just that. Here’s an overview of what changed in this release: Most … Continued