Win more contracts, get your team and clients on the same page, and find out how you can create a better business.

Win More Estimates

Our "collaborative estimating" features help Planscope customers close 2-3x more client projects.

Deliver Better Projects

We make managing projects a breeze. Our progress and budget tracking lets you and your clients answer, "Will this project get done on time and in-budget?"

Grow Your Business

Our agency-grade reports and mentoring helps you find out what's hold ing you back, and how to take your company to the next level.

— Jake Hare, Founder of Launchpeer

“We chose Planscope because we needed an easier way for our clients and team members to manage requirements on multiple projects. We love how Planscope gives all our stakeholders a view into the progress of each project and task, and lets our leadership team get a much better idea of budgets versus spending.

I know for sure we've won contracts simply because of demoing that tool during a sales meeting; much better to demo than something like Jira or Pivotal Tracker.”

— Jake Hare, Founder of Launchpeer

We've helped our customers bill $8628089 and counting

Have you ever been in a taxicab with a busted meter? Isn't it frustrating to go somewhere without knowing how much it will cost?

Your clients feel the same way. Where most tools focus on just tasks or invoices, we combine the two. You and your clients will be able to see exactly where their budgets are going in real-time, which will not only help you (no more "we need to talk about this invoice" emails) and will help your clients (they'll be happier, and more likely to hire and refer you in the future).

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Built for consultants, by consultants

Planscope is designed to help you plan, work on, and deliver client projects. That's it.

We needed software that worked the way our agency worked. It had to be powerful enough for our team, but simple enough for our clients. And we needed it to have all the collaboration features we'd expect a great project management tool to have. Finally, it had to focus on the three things that matter most: scope, budget, and time.

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Federico Soria, Freelancer

“The biggest problem I had was getting clients to use my project management tool. They actually want to use Planscope.”

— Federico Soria, Freelancer
Brennan Dunn

“You need more than just software.”

A note from Brennan Dunn, the founder of Planscope. He's helped over 15,000 consultants grow their businesses through his books and courses.

If you're reading this, you're thinking about possibly investing the time and money into project management and estimation software.

But what you want really isn't project management software. You want a better business.

When I broke ground on Planscope, I was running an 11 person agency. My clients were frustrated by our tools, and typically ended up retreating back to email and phone calls. There wasn't any link between what we were doing and what we were billing. I, as the business owner, had no easy way of gauging how healthy the business was.

I wanted my business to be different... to be better; I thought, however, that I needed new software.

We've built a ton of features that help our customers grow their businesses. Our collaborative estimating feature is helping people close more deals. Our end-of-day reports are eliminating the need to write status update emails. And our automated reporting is helping customers know when projects will get done, who's working and who isn't, how accurate estimates are, and more.

But what makes us different is what we offer that goes beyond bits and bytes.

We give you the tools you need to plan and quote new projects, but we'll also review your proposals for you before you send them off to your clients. We'll also hand write monthly reports that show you what's working, what isn't, and our recommendations for what you could be doing different. We'll also coach you, train your team and each new client on how to get setup and make the most of Planscope, and much more.

I don't want to sell you software. I want to help you transform your consulting business. Our small team of 4 is dedicated to your success. We make an effort to know who you are, and most importantly, how we can help you fix the problem that ultimately brought you here.

Brennan Dunn Brennan Dunn, Founder