Planscope 2.0

Planscope has existed as a codebase for a little over 2 years. At its foundation, it’s a Rails app on the backend that handles authentication, permissions, billing, storing and retrieving project data, and emailing. The frontend is responsible for all the templating (the backend server generates very little markup), most of the business logic (like … Continued

Using Data To Help You Forecast Project Completion Dates

Since the beginning, Planscope has been tracking who’s working, how often work gets done, how accurate your project estimates are, and what’s left to do in a given project. We just haven’t really done anything interesting with that data — until now. When running my consultancy, it was my job to help keep client expectations … Continued

Why I’m Going Back To Capturing Credit Cards Upfront

One of the best side effects of founding a software company is the sheer number of experiments that are required to maintain a healthy growth trajectory. Do I onboard new users with a video overview, or a guided tour? Should the marketing site target consultants or freelancers? Single page or lots of pages? Screenshot of … Continued

Synchronize Your Beanstalk Repositories With Planscope

Hot off the heels of our integration with Bitbucket, I’m happy to announce that we now offer the same commit tracking with Beanstalk. Here’s how it works: Anytime you push code to Beanstalk, they’ll notify us that you’ve made a commit (I’ll tell you how to get them to do that in a second.) If … Continued