Get your clients to write their own estimates

Getting a new lead is hard. And getting that lead to the point of writing them a project proposal is even harder. So what can be more demoralizing than being rejected after you've invested hours of time you'll never get back? Planscope helps you create "Collaborative Estimates" that close significantly higher than average.

  • Involve your clients before they're your client

    After you have a clear picture of what needs to be built, you can add these requirements to Planscope and invite your future client in. They'll be able to adjust the scope until it fits their budget. No more throwing quotes "over the wall" and crossing your fingers!

  • We support how you bill

    Whether you bill by the hour, the day, the week, the month, the task, the feature, or the project, we've got you covered. You can also be as transparent or opaque as you'd like with your clients, team members, and subcontractors.

  • Price in your local currency

    Are you European, and generally bill in Euros? Or maybe this time you have a new client in Japan, and need to bill in yen on a project? Planscope supports any and all currencies and rates.

  • Convert your estimates to real projects

    Once your client gives you the green light, click one button and we'll convert your estimate into an active project.

Even your clients will want to get involved

Email. Phone calls. Text messages. Skype. There seem to be limitless ways to try to answer "What's getting done? Who's doing it? What's left to do? And what's left in the budget?" Planscope is built for freelancers and teams, and makes it simple to answer these questions and more.

  • One-click time tracking

    When you're working on a Planscope task, we'll sync your time automatically to your invoicing tool of choice and track any code commits you make against what you're working on. We convert your time to money on the fly, so your clients can see where they're spending money — long before you invoice them.

  • Everything about your project — all in one place

    Discuss tasks, upload documents and mockups, block tasks that you need more info for, and much more. And our deep email integration lets you and your clients discuss your project from the comfort of your inbox.

  • The easiest way for clients to review your work

    When you're ready for feedback, we'll notify your client that there are updates they need to check out and send them to their personalized review area. They can approve and request changes with just a click or two.

  • Minimize meetings

    If you'd like, we'll email your clients each day with a summary of what they need to review, what was worked on, a recap of what happened that day, and how much of their budget remains.

Discover ways to grow your consulting business

How profitable are you? How utilized is your team? How accurate do you estimate? Are you billing more hours this month compared to last month? When can you really expect this project to wrap up? Planscope uses time, money, and project data to get a big picture perspective of how you work and ways you can make more money.

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  • A birds-eye view of your business

    Our reports area gives you an instant snapshot of your company. If you've ever had to question what's getting done, how much money you're making, and what's left to do, you're going to love how easy Planscope makes it to answer those questions.

  • You'll swear we're a fortune teller

    ...But we have data on our side. We know how often you bill, how accurate your estimates are, and how diligently your clients review your work. And this allows us to project when projects will wrap up, when you'll be able to start your next job, and view forecasts around your future revenue.

  • Exclusive advice and mentoring

    The founder, Brennan Dunn, has written books, teaches workshops, hosts a podcast, and writes a weekly newsletter for consultants. On Monday's, we'll email you a company overview and show you how much you've made this month, along with articles that you can use to grow your business.

Perfect for consultancies and agencies

Planscope isn't just for freelancers; in fact, it was built by an 11-person web development shop to scratch our own itch. From the ground up, Planscope is designed to allow for your team, your subcontractors, and your clients to easily manage your projects.

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Other features you're going to love.

Quickly add new tasks to your projects

Type in a task name, press the tab key, type in an estimate, and press return. That's it. No separate pages or forms. Your only limit is how fast you type. You can also import tasks from a CSV file.

Filter your projects

Search by text, tag, or tasks assigned to you or another member of your team. Searches happen immediately, so there's no waiting on the server.

Be as transparent as you'd like

Whether you want to hide granular time logs from clients or don't want to unveil your billing rate to your subcontractors, Planscope makes it easy to change the visibility settings for each member of a project.

Synchronizes with your favorite invoicing tool

We link with Freshbooks, Harvest, Freckle, FreeAgent, Toggl, Mite, and PayDirt, and we'll report when you work and what you're working on for one-click inclusion on your next invoice. Still invoice the old fashioned way? You can export all of your time logs as a spreadsheet.

Group and tag your tasks

We're big fans of concise, to-the-point tasks. That's why we made it easy to add tasks to groups, which give you a big picture point of view of how much work and budget goes into a group. Groups are perfect for things that might have dozens of requirements, like application features, web pages, or epics.

Override rates for each team member

Does Bob bill $50 an hour, and Susan bill $75? Just plug this into Planscope, and we'll take care of the rest. Teams can also enter in what Bob and Susan *cost*, so you can see just how profitable each member of your team is.

Code commit integration without funky task references

Because we know what you're working on, any commits you make to Github, Bitbucket, or Beanstalk will automatically be associated with your task in project and visible in its activity feed. Just commit your code — leave the referencing to us.

Block tasks that you're stuck on

We help you make it obvious when you need more information. Block any task, and we'll highlight it and remind your clients daily until you get the requirements you need to move forward.

Package up releases to send to your client

We can send daily reports to your client based on what gets done, but sometimes you want to write something by hand. With one click, you can draft up a message and attach tasks you'd like reviewed. (This is perfect for deploys to a staging server.)

Global and project-level activity feeds

Catch up on who's talking, who has questions, who's logging time, and what tasks are being delivered from one, easy-to-digest view.

Try this and so much more.