Linking Planscope with Freshbooks

And then there were three. A number of our users have been asking for Freshbooks support, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re now fully integrated with Freshbooks! If you’ve been counting, we first linked Planscope with Freckle, and shortly thereafter Harvest.

Check out this 2 minute video for the details…

What would you like to see next? The ability to lay out a project in Planscope and have it create an estimate for you in Freshbooks? Automatically inviting your Freshbooks clients into Planscope? Something else? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Dan Knauss

    In the video it looks like all tasks in a Planscope project have to use the same, single task name imported from Freshbooks. Is it not possible to assign any task name from Freshbooks to any Planscope task?
    Yes it would be nice to be able to import Freshbooks estimates, clients, and projects to Planscope or generate them in Freshbooks via Planscope. I am not sure what you could do about it, but the biggest problem with any integrated services is client confusion and frustration due to separate logins, no SSO, and getting emails from two different sources. Since both Freshbooks and Planscope send emails to clients, consistent branding and messaging in both is important while also making it clear which one is for project management and which one is for paying bills. 

    • Brennan Dunn

      Hi Dan,

      Great question. Freshbook’s tasks are typically more high level – i.e. “Development”, “Design”, “Meeting” – and at the moment, Planscope let’s you choose one (i.e., Development) to record all time logs against.

      Planscope Tasks tend to be very granular, like “A Google Map embed should exist on the home page”, which would be logged under the “Development” task of a given Freshbooks project, with the description field set to the Planscope task name.

      Over the next few weeks, I’ll be rolling out support to maintain what we have now – a default Freshbooks task that time logs are logged against – but give users the ability to override that task at either the Task Group level or even the Task level. So you might have a task group called “Design”, and pair that up with the “Design” task over at Freshbooks, so any time logs under that group will be logged under design. Make sense?

      Re: your branding question, I think Freshbooks includes their product name in their invoice notification emails, right? Planscope does for task comment emails and daily reports. With my business (I use Harvest), I just let my clients know that we’re using two tools: Planscope to manage the day to day development of their project, and Harvest to do invoicing. No one’s really had an issue with this so far.

      • Dan Knauss

        This way of getting time logged to the correct tasks in Freshbooks sounds fine. As long as you don’t need to futz around reassigning or renaming things in Freshbooks!


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