Planscope just got a little easier to navigate

Improved Site Navigation

While looking over the shoulders of a few new and long-time users, we realized Planscope might be a bit confusing at first to navigate. When dealing with a relatively complex application like project management, you need all the simplicity you can get–especially when you’re working with busy clients who might not have the patience or incentive to learn that you might. So, we’ve simplified the navigation scheme and added a few other conveniences, too.


new navigation


new navigation2

For our customers with lots of projects, we’ve limited the Projects dropdown to only active projects, and we’ve made the project tabs “sticky”: when switching between projects, we save your place and take you to the same screen on the new project:

save place

Task @mentions and Subscriptions

We’ve also added a convenience feature for collaborating on tasks: @mentions and task subscriptions. You can now mention team members in comments on tasks and manage your subscription to a task. Read our documentation for more details about how it works.

At Mention

Subscribe and unsubscribe to task updates:


Killing more bugs

We’ve also taken care of a few nagging issues, including:

  • Client can no longer edit or delete other users’ comments
  • Clients no longer see the “Don’t show this message to clients” option
  • In some places, the “plain english” relative times (e.g. “2 days ago”) was wrong for things in the distant past. This has been fixed.
  • We’ve made some wording changes to things like report names and in other minor areas.

We hope you like it! Let us know in the comments down below or email us any time.

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