Preview: Estimate New Projects With Planscope

For almost a year now, Planscope customers have creative in coming up with ways to use Planscope — a tool meant to help you work on projects you’ve already won — to help them estimate and win new projects. In a few days, I’ll be pushing out native estimating support. The interface is condensed, with the total cost and complexity front and center. Your clients will also be able to toggle off tasks (or entire groups of tasks) until they’re able to put together a project with a scope and budget that they’re comfortable with.

What This Means For You And Your Business

Traditional estimating often involves taking a set of requirements and delivering a proposal that outlines a projected cost and list of features or requirements that will be worked on. The problem with this form of estimating is that it’s, quite literally, you throwing a number over the wall and hoping your client understands how you came up with that figure. By adding the ability for your future clients to collaborate with you on estimates, the responsibility to come up with a project scope that fits within their allocated budget is up to your client. You just plug in your rate, estimate all the available requirements that you know about, and hand it over to your client. Together, you can work with them to prioritize, setup milestones, and possibly reduce scope until the client is satisfied. Once the estimate is signed off on and you have an active contract, simply click the big green button to the right and Planscope will convert the estimate to a first-class project. You can start collaborating and logging time in just seconds. I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions that you might have. Sound off in the comments section below or drop me an email.

3 Responses to “Preview: Estimate New Projects With Planscope”

  1. Josh Brown

    Love the checkboxes next to the task groups for a quick way to select/deselect all the tasks in a group! Allowing the client to be able to prioritize and modify scope will be awesome, too!

    • Brennan Dunn

      My favorite customer requested that feature 🙂 It’s nice when the latency between support engineering is like, eh, nothing.

  2. Dan Knauss

    This only makes sense to me for small projects I generally don’t want, but even then I’d be concerned about giving too many choices to the client. I could see using it as a planning device for long-term clients who are already sold. I’m pretty happy with stuff like Bidsketch and Quoteroller for proposals and contracts.


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